Clue for Two

As I mentioned in my last post, How to Date When You’re Sick, my Dish and I love to play a two-person version of Clue that I made up. I thought it’d be fun to write out my rules, so that any Spoonies and their Dish (or anyone at all!) can enjoy a rousing game of Clue even when they can only find two players.

So, without further ado:

CLUE for two!

clue for two alternate rules game setup how to play players how to date when you're sick

The first thing you need to know is that my Dish and I have the newfangled version of clue – at first, I thought it must be so dumb compared to the original, but I actually love this version a lot more. Everything is exactly the same, except for one addition: Intrigue Cards. These are cards you get when you land on “?” – all you really need to know about this additional deck is that inside it are seven clock cards. The first six do nothing – but when the clock strikes 7, the drawer of the 7th card MUST DIE.

clue board game clock cards new rules for two players murdered

After the initial death, the 7th card alone is reshuffled into the Intrigue deck. Once you’re dead, you can’t play anymore – but you do need to stick around to answer the other player’s accusations from beyond the grave. Don’t worry too much about these clock cards – with only two players, deaths rarely start happening until towards the very end of the game, and I love the “race against time” element. If you all die early on, you didn’t shuffle your Intrigue Deck very well. 😉

Now, here are the special rules for playing with only two players. You begin the game the same way – by taking three clue cards and placing them in the evidence envelope, and setting that aside.

clue for two players alternate rules board game evidence envelope

Then each player is given ONE clue card – that’s right, just one. You begin the game with only one surefire piece of evidence. Here, I have the pistol. That means that I must have had it on me at the time of the murder….or somesuch alias that tells me that I know Mr. Body did not die at the barrel of a gun. But that’s all I know.

clue board game alternate rules for two players clue card pistol miss scarlet

And the other player is given one card as well – of course, I don’t know what Dish has. I can only find out by making rumors (rules for this are the same as normal Clue).

clue board game col. mustard alternate rules for two players rumor

The remaining rumor cards are placed around the edge of the board, two to each room. The leftover card is placed in the middle. Anyone may travel to the middle and flip over the middle card, but you must travel there and flip it to see it. In this case, Mr. Green’s body is floating there in the pool or something. Anyway, we know it wasn’t him!

clue board game mr. green clue alternate rules for two players
We let our cat be Mrs. White. She doesn’t get any cards, and she doesn’t roll the dice, but she likes to tag along with us. And it’s always entertaining when it turns out that it was HER all along!

So how do we get the other cards? Simple. There are two cards in each room – one for each of us. When I enter a room, I start a rumor: Professor Plum in the guest house with the knife! If Dish– that is, Col. Mustard– can’t disprove this theory with his one card, I may choose one of the two cards in the room and take it.

clue for two players alternate rules scarlett guest house

Hmm…. decisions decisions….

clue board game guest house kitchen alternate rules for two players

Ah ha! I got the Kitchen! Room cards are the best to get, as you’ll see. Now, when I go to the kitchen, assuming I propose a rumor that Col. Mustard cannot disprove, I get my card….

clue board game kitchen ax miss scarlett alternate rules for two players

But when Col. Mustard goes into that room, his rumor HAS to involve the kitchen, and I will ALWAYS be able to disprove that since I have the kitchen card! So Col. Mustard’s card is removed from play.

clue for two players board game col. mustard kitchen

Which makes me go BWAHAHAHA even though it is technically a loss to us both, since I won’t see the card either. I’m still happy, though, because more uncertainties make the game more realistic and less like playing a very elaborate logic puzzle.

So you keep playing until there are no cards left, and you’ve gotten as much info as you can from your partner. Then you must bravely decide what your final accusation will be, and see if you got it right. If so, YOU WIN! if not… you die.

Some of you party poopers might say “But Rachel! It must be near impossible to ever win that way!” Ah, ye of little faith! The very first time we played by these rules, I WON! And both of us have won games since then. You usually only end up with 2 or 3 choices to make, so your odds are higher than you might think.

Of course, best results are achieved by using an accent, drinking tea, and pretending that you are truly tracking down a killer, and time is running out….

7 thoughts on “Clue for Two

  1. I love board and card games. Along with a passion for video games they are one of the few activities I actually really enjoy doing when I am experiencing bad pain.

    I can highly recommend cooperative games such as Pandemic where you work together with one or more person to beat the game. Really nice when you want a extra relaxing time too.

    Also love Pandemic because the rules say whoever was sick most recently takes the first turn, and it’s always me 🙂 Always makes me smile 🙂

    1. This game sounds awesome! That’s the reason we love Disney Universe, it’s one of the few games I’ve found where you work together. I’ve never heard of pandemic, but it sounds awesome. I would LOVE it if a game told me I could go first because I’m sick!

      1. Rachel, I love the term “DISH”. I am going to start calling The Joe-Man that….after 27 years I think he needs a new nick-name!

      2. New nicknames are always fun! 🙂 I can’t claim “Dish” as my own, though, I was introduced to it on Credit where credit’s due! It’s a great nickname. 🙂

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