The Official Do I Look Sick Store!


Do I Look Sick is proud to announce the opening of our official online store! Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter for information on sales and discounts! Our goal is to bring you awareness materials at a low cost and convenient way, and to add a little rock and roll to invisible illness. Just click on the big red hand to get to the store and start rocking.

2 thoughts on “The Official Do I Look Sick Store!

  1. congrats on the store! only had a moment to glance at it (since i’m at work…shhhh), but can’t wait to check it out tonight! already LOVE the spoonie card!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one sneaking my wordpress time in at work. 😉 Sometimes you need a break!

      And I forgot to mention in the post (it was very late night blogging) that the designs can be customized. So like, if you’re like “I hate orange t-shirts! I want that design on a blue hoodie!” you can do that! 🙂

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