Inspiring, Versatile, and Loved

Hey all! I know y’all are on the edge of your seats waiting for the first installment of “The Spoonie Experiment,” and you should be! This will be the first video made especially for Do I Look Sick. It’s coming along very nicely, but it’s taking longer to put together than your average post, and I’m realizing now that I should have probably planned some in between content for you during the wait. But hey! Ya live, ya learn.

So in the mean time, while the professional editor inside me goes all perfectionist on this video, my lovely lovely readers have provided some new content for me! No, I wasn’t nominated for another award – I was nominated for THREE more, all in the span of one week!

The first may be my favorite one so far – love the design. I’m very excited to add it to my “Awards” tab at the bottom of this page. Katie over at Connective Tissues Disorder: My Journey nominated me, for which I heartily thank her. I’ve written before about how much I love her blog. It was one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to, and one of the few that I’ve remained subscribed to. I try to purge my subscription list every once in a while, as I follow so many awesome blogs and it’s so easy to fall behind, but Katie’s blog always keeps me coming back for more.

Here are the rules for accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

• Link back to the person who nominated you
• Post the award image to your page.
• Tell 7 facts about yourself.
• Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them that they’ve been nominated.

So without further ado, here’s 7 facts about me:

1. I was diagnosed with IBS this past November, but I’m only just now fully understanding how my illness works, and I’m starting to get better because of it. 🙂

2. Last week I started a new medication that has worked WONDERS for my abdominal pain. Bentyl really didn’t help as much as I’d hoped, plus it made me too sleepy to function. Now I’m on levbid, and my cramping and abdominal pain has COMPLETELY gone away (except for endo).

3. The only negative side effect I’ve experience is dry mouth – and it sucks far more than I’d ever have guessed. My throat gets so dry that it’s hard to breathe, and unless I chew some gum or suck on a mint to get some saliva going, it’s nearly impossible to down water – yes, I choke on WATER. It’s sad. Any tips, internet friends?

4, Even though I’m thrilled that food’s no longer making me hurt, I’m already stressing about this medicine. I don’t want to stay on it forever – am I just delaying some way of making the pain go away for good? I really, REALLY want to be drug free. And pain free. I want it all, man, I want it all.

drug free ninja turtles
I’ve let down my heroes in a half shell. Sigh.

5. Tomorrow, I’m meeting with the hiring manager at an editing house down town. My dad is in the business too, and so far I’ve been meeting with friends of his. This will be the first meeting I go to as a “nobody.” I’m not anybody’s daughter, I’m not a dollar sign, I’m not a perk – I’m just some film school dropout with orange hair that’s been rumored to be cool. I’m nervous and excited. Wish me luck!

6. At my current job, today I filmed a guest artist lecture about his craft. What is his craft? Tranimals (it’s exactly what it sounds like), Opera performed by dogs, and plant porn made for PLANTS to watch, no humans allowed. So it’s true – you can do LITERALLY anything you set your mind to.

tranimal machine project
Here’s one of his… erm, creations…

7. This weekend, I’ll be performing in a radio show. I will be the voice of a woman accused of murder – but she insists she doesn’t remember a thing. But perhaps it has something to do with a mysterious playing card she picked up on the street….

And now, here are 15 bloggers that I find very inspiring:

1. Thought Catalog – this is not the kind of blog I usually go for. The update multiple times every day….but it’s pretty entertaining, funny, and random. Plus they did a bit on endometriosis awareness, so they’re officially cool in my book.

2. Kyla Says – this blog by one of my real life friends was INSPIRED by my blog, so you know it’s awesome. 😉 Actually, we went to high school together and hardly knew each other, but then got to be really good friends post-grad via facebook. When you get married young, you find that you’re always dying to have friends who have any idea what that’s like, haha. Kyla’s got the jump on me, though, with two absolutely adorable and hilarious kiddos. Lucky Kyla! I’m jealous.

3. Sunlight in Winter – recently discovered this little treasure trove – very good read.

4. Does Your Journey Seem Long? – I like blogs that have titles that are questions. 😉 All these blogs are wonderfully written, and this post will be a novel if I keep writing nice things, so I’ll

And just stick to listing the rest of the nominees.

5. Lethargic Smiles

6. Based on a Sprue Story

7. Kwesting – I will nominate him until he accepts one, gosh darn it!

8. The Allergista

9. Sprinkle of Happiness

10. Celiac and Allergy Adventures

11. Lip Reading Mom

12. Five Minute Adventures

13. Tim Steffen – Author & Illustrator

14. Xtine Danielle

15. Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

And I know I’ve probably nominated some of you for multiple awards, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you don’t post it and stuff, I know not everyone likes blog awards. Just know that I think you rock! Except you, Kwesting husband of mine, you have to accept one of these awards or else my feelings are officially hurt.

I was also nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Oh What a Pain… another blogger whom I’ve followed for a long time and never stopped loving. This blog introduced me to the idea of post challenges, weekly posts, and the social aspects of blogging. She’s a great conversation sparker! I’ve nominated her for many awards and I’m honored to have the favor returned.

I also have the honor of receiving this award TWICE! You can see the rules, my answers to the questions, and my nominees here.

Finally, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Griffins and Gingersnaps, one of the most real, well-written blogs I’ve ever read. I feel like she’s a close friend just from reading the things she writes.

And, once again, this is my second nomination for this award! You can see my nominees and the rules here. But what’s special about this award is that nominees must answer specific questions from the blogger who nominated them, so here are my answers to Griffins and Gingersnaps’ questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? When I first spoke to my boss about my illness, I was made fun of in front of the whole office. I went home fuming, but I had very mixed feelings. I was mad at my coworkers, but I didn’t want to be because I like them and they’re generally good people. I realized that the reason it all happened was ignorance – I didn’t look sick, and neither myself nor my coworkers knew how to handle it. I realized I needed to learn to advocate for myself and educate others to keep this from happening to anyone else. Though I had been ill for years, this incident made me own it. I wanted to make a difference, but all I know how to do is write. I started this blog with the intention of not only writing about my own experience, but interviewing others and hosting events and contests. Much of this has become reality, and I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. There’s still a long way to go, and I’m up for the challenge.

2. What’s your ratio of fiction to non-fiction writing?
If you count this blog as non-fiction, then non-fiction has definitely won out lately. I’m a screenwriter at heart, but I’ve been devoting most of my writing time to this blog. I’d like to even that out more soon, though.

3. Do you LOVE or HATE social media and which is your favorite/least favorite one? I LOVE it, and facebook is definitely my favorite. If you haven’t “liked” this blog on facebook, you should. I update it almost every day with articles and blogs I’m currently reading. You can find a link at the bottom of this page. I’m also becoming addicted to Pinterest. I have a lot of awareness/invisible illness/health stuff there too, with new content every day.

4. If you have children in the future, will you name them for family/friends or for fictional characters? This question made me smile. My husband and I have had names picket out for years, and the answer is both! As a teen, I decided I loved the name Tobias because of the (ORIGINAL, not the Burtonized) Sweeney Todd. Then I happened to marry someone named Tobyas. So our little boy will be named for both a fictional character and his family. Our girl has family names – Kitka, for her Czech heritage (since I gave away my Czech last name – Sykora – for an English name). Her middle name will be Marie, a name that belongs to me, my mom, and my mother’s mom.

5. What’s the first book you remember reading and loving? The first book I can remember reading myself was Eggbert, haha. The first novel I read myself was an adaptation of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round table. My dad was recalling this recently. He said it made him laugh because that book was as big as I was at the time.

6. What was your favorite children’s show when you were a kid? Oooh boy… Mom says I loved Seseme Street. I wouldn’t watch anything without cartoons until I was well over 13 years old. As a school kid, my favorite show was DEFINITELY Pokemon.

pokemon growlithe james died best episode original gif
The best episode ever….excuse me, I have something in my eye…

7. What is your favorite children’s show now? My Little Pony!

princess twilight sparkle new pope meme my little pony

8. Do you share your blog with your family or friends? Yes. I’m a BIG proponent of not blogging anonymously – at least when it comes to awareness and illness. I think that if you’re afraid to share with people you know, you’re perpetuating the taboo and secretive nature of invisible illness that results in unbelief, humiliation, and alienation.

9. Name one hobby that you have and one that you wish you had. I draw comic books (poorly), and I wish I had a sewing machine, because there’s not much you can hand-sew in the way of clothing. It’s all pinterest’s fault.

10. What is your favorite book? Where the Red Fern Grows. It’s a story of a boy and his dogs, so you know exactly where this is going.

crying good book where the red fern grows gif

11. Stairs or Escalator? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve thought escalators are the funnest, coolest things ever. To this day, I kind of get excited when I see one. I’ve fallen down one before, and I’ve got the scars to prove it, but even that couldn’t kill the magic. Don’t even get me started on the moving sidewalks at airports. SO. MUCH. FUN.

me gusta escalator

Be sure to check out my “Awards” tab below, and the “Blogs I Love” tab to see what else I’m reading. The video is coming soon! In the mean time, thank you all for the support, and be sure to check out these awesome blogs. See ya real soon!

15 thoughts on “Inspiring, Versatile, and Loved

  1. If I may make one suggestion in regards to IBS: if you are using margarine, I’d like to suggest you switch to butter. Look at the list of ingredients on margarine. They are unpronounceable and you need a dictionary to understand them. Butter gets a bad rap because of cholesterol; however, it has 3 ingredients. None of which are bad in moderation. Many years ago I attended a nutrition seminar where they mentioned that one of the chemicals in margarine is a liquid plastic (not all margarines use it and I can’t remember which chemical was the plastic). It would stand to reason that a plastic may not pass through your gut adequately leading to IBS or Crohn’s Disease. I have not read any scientific studies to verify that, but I stopped using margarine to be on the safe side. Besides, butter tastes better. My husband recently read on his facebook page how margarine got its start. Scientists developed a feed for turkeys, but they would not eat it. So, the brilliant scientists came up with a terrifying idea–we’ll add a few more chemicals to it, call it margarine, and feed it to humans! If turkeys won’t touch it, why would it be good for humans?!!

    1. Heh well no worries there my friend. I am a Southern girl living in the Lone Star State – here, we eat butter (probably way too much!). 😉 It’s good to get that info out though! Blogging has taught me all about clean eating, and while I’m not going totally paleo, I do try to buy fresh, organic, local, all that good stuff. I can’t say goodbye to the South’s fried, spicy, sugary goodness forever but all things in moderation, right?

  2. Reblogged this on Do I Look Sick? and commented:

    Hey All! I was nominated again for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Wear, Tear, and Care – this is a new blog on my reader and I definitely recommend checking them out. Very funny, sharp, and informative.

    I haven’t been posting much as my dad is in the hospital at the moment. He had open heart surgery on Friday and is recovering well, but is currently still in the ICU. My sister recently started having seizures as well, so I’ve been running back and forth from the hospital to my parent’s house to watch her. Life is very lifey!

    I’m now 10 and a half weeks pregnant, feeling very well! Baby’s about the size of a prune now. They seem very happy! I say this mostly because they stopped making me throw up everything I try to eat, so I *think* they’re happy.

    Thanks for sticking around! I’ll try to post more soon.

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