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Recently something happened to me that has never happened before – one reader, Yoshiko of Daylight Tune Ministries,ย  gave me a kajillion awards all at once. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this, but it would be remiss of me to ignore it, so here’s what I’m going to do – I’ll list all the awards, and award each award to one blogger who I think fits the bill for that particular award.


You know what blog has awesome content? This new blog I found called The Homeschooling Doctor. It’s a great place to start when you’re thinking about switching to organic, vegan, gluten-free, etc. diets. Just keep in mind (as with any health blog) that different things work for different people.

I had to research this award a bit. Basically, it’s given to a blog that writes about all the stuff mainstream media leaves out. Instead of writing about bad behavior, gossip, and scandals, they write about kindness, intervention, and hope in humanity. Therefore I’d like to give this award to Ichigo Ichie, a charming blog full of optimism in the face of the worst circumstances.

I’d like to give this interesting award to Kyla Says, a very creative mommy blog.

This one goes to one of my very loyal readers, Allergic to Life: My Battle. This award also asks that I answer a “rhetorical question” (the English major in me just died a little) from my awarder, and in turn ask my awardee a new question.

The question posed to me is – if you were stranded on a desert island, how would you survive? Answer, I probably wouldn’t, haha! Short of some way to call for help, I’d probably try to build a shelter, which would probably wear me out so I’d have to take many breaks and naps…then I’d probably give up and look for a cave or something. Then I’d try to find water and failing that, try to make fire. Failing that I think I’d just graze on the plant life until I die.

Kathryn – here is my question to you: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I’d like to give this award for kindness to A Tale of Anaphylaxis (my goodness that is hard to spell!), one of the kindest bloggers I’ve met.

This one goes out to the super sweet Allergista, who is quickly becoming one of my very favorite bloggers as well as a great friend.

And finally, I’d like to give this tranquil award to Sunlight in Winter, a blog that has offered new knowledge and encouraging words as I attempt to track down some inner peace of my own.

Man, that list seemed daunting, but I’m kinda bummed I got through it so fast! I follow almost a hundred blogs that I absolutely adore, so please check out the “Blogs I Love” tab at the bottom if you want to see what else I’m reading.

11 thoughts on “ALL THE AWARDS > What I don’t even…

  1. Thank you for an ABC award! It is nice to know somebody is reading! And as you say, I agree! There is no one answer for an individual, but just knowing that food really can change some illnesses for better or worse ( and very, very few of us medical doctors have really been in the trenches to know that) may allow a person to achieve better health. And that would make me happy. Sincerely, Terri

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