Health Activist Heroes!

I’m borrowing my title from one of the WEGO Health Activist Awards because it just happens to be award season. I have VERY much wanted to win one of those for a long time, so click here to endorse me! It’ll make me really happy.

But I wanted to take a second to honor some of my favorite bloggers in a fun way that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now – drawing bloggers as superheroes! I picked a few bloggers and used their blog title to come up with a super alter ego for them. It was a pretty fun project! Maybe I’ll host a contest soon and make it a prize to have your blog drawn as a super hero. Would you guys like that?

Well, for now enjoy these silly drawings and check out the awesome bloggers that inspired them!

I started with myself to kind of figure out my method –

do i look sick masquerade super hero

I thought my blog title lent itself to a masquerade-themed super. I’m not sure what my powers are, but I liked designing an outfit that was an artistic representation of pain. Sort of this firey spidery thing that covers half of me in a Two-Face-esque way.

Next up is Bottled Time!

genie bottled time super hero

I thought Bottled Time could have actual bottles that mess with time – speed it up, slow it down, freeze it. She wears them all in a utility belt. She also has cool hair streaks and hair ribbons because of coolness.

This one is particularly silly – Hearing Elmo!

elmo super hero dog

I have no idea what her powers are, haha. Maybe she can draw things to life with a crayon like Elmo. Her blog title is one of my favorites of all time. It’s creative, sticks in your head, and has a great story behind it. So I had to draw a “Super Elmo!” I also figured her service dog Chloe would need a matching ensemble.

Next – Sunlight in Winter!

sunlight in winter superhero

Sunlight in Winter sounds like such a cool elemental super hero – she’s in sort of an Elsa-ish pose for the “winter” part, but I like the idea of light powers too. I don’t know what they do. Blind people? Whatever it is it’s hardcore.

And last but not least, my dear pal Based on a Sprue Story!

magic girl book witch super hero paper based on a sprue story

She might be more of a magical girl than a super hero. I love animes and stuff where there are magic books with pages that fly all around and do magic spells. So she’s looking a little more like a sorceress than a super hero but I like it. She’s got glowy things and magic wind and it’s all awesome.

Of course, these bloggers don’t need crazy outfits or magic powers to be heroes. They’re heroes to me personally, and this is my small way of saying thanks and check them out! Anyone who raises awareness or shares their story to help others are real heroes and they all deserve recognition. The WEGO health awards are a great place to start! Thanks for your nominations and endorsements and I hope you take the time to nominate all your favorite bloggers.

Happy weekend!

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