DoILookSick Does Interior Design – A Door to Narnia

Remember in my DIY Family Tree post how I told you we had another exciting DIY going on in our someday-baby room?


Tada! A wardrobe that leads to Narnia – AKA the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom isn’t done yet but you can see our Narnia forest shower curtain in there.

This was all the amazing work of my talented husband. His Aunt and Uncle were getting rid of an old TV cabinet. Hubs used a Saw Zaw to cut the front off the cabinet and then attached it to the wall. He connected the upper and lower cabinet doors to open as one large door.

He also cut a piece to cover the top opening (because the cabinet was shorter than the doorway) and of course used trim to cover the sawed edges and the outside edges, all dyed to match the cabinet.

And voila! A magical wardrobe that really opens up to Narnia! You could even say it’s bigger on the inside (sorry guys I just started watching Doctor Who, so expect a lot more silliness of that sort).

It is open underneath where the wardrobe “feet” are – which just means the cats have access to the litter box even if you’re in there with the door shut. It’s nice because our cats are, for the most part, not too obnoxious about interacting with us when we’re taking care of business. But if you wanted the bottom covered, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Just cover the back side the same way we covered the top opening.

Hope you had a magical Monday!


Can you tell we LOVE Narnia?

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