Time for a super fun and not at all depressing quiz!




First up is the obvious one, do you…

  1. Have a job (or marry someone with a job) that provides insurance? If you don’t/can’t…
  2. Pay for your own insurance or pay out of pocket for medical expenses
  3. Pay for other things like home/food/life instead and avoid doctors/deal with chronic illness yourself


Do you…

  1. Pay for a new(ish) reliable, comfortable car
  2. Use spoons to walk to and from the bus/train in all weather
  3. Just never leave your house

Alright, what about food?

  1. Buy organic, fresh food and organize a meal plan that utilizes everything you buy before it goes bad, planning for more frequent trips to the grocery store, and cooking for yourself most of the time
  2. Order healthy food, which is more expensive but easier on you when there aren’t spoons to cook and clean (screw the environment tho)
  3. Buy cheaper food and more premade/preserved items that are less healthy but easy.

And does your health, by luck of the draw, allow you to make a good amount of money?

  1. Yup, I finished college and can work a 9-5 job or I am healthy enough to do a job that requires a lot of labor but pays well. And I don’t use up all my sick days or ever risk losing my job due to absence.
  2. I am able to work enough to make enough to get by, but any medical emergency would put me into debt.
  3. My illness makes it extremely hard to keep a regular job.

Lastly, how’s your mental health working out?

  1. I maintain strong relationships, and see a therapist/mental health expert working with me to manage any issues that come up.
  2. I use alternative methods to maintain acceptable mental health, like self-help, relying on friends and family for emotional support, and occasionally self-medicate with essential oils, supplements, alcohol, or drugs.
  3. Ain’t nobody got time or money for that. I just don’t kill myself and it’s fine.


15 – 13: Capitalism is working out great for you!

12 – 8: Illness sucks but at least you’ve caught some breaks. You’ll probably be fine.

7 – 5: Guess you’ll die. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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